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Wk 4 – “Storytelling (Photography)”

So, the story I was going for is the idea of youth and how the smallest things can mean so much to someone because they haven’t experienced it before. I’ve always been into exploring new experiences, and in the case of my little sister, everything is new to her. I don’t think that my imagesContinue reading “Wk 4 – “Storytelling (Photography)””

Wk3 – “Drawing is also a Language”

This activity was fun because I had good company, but it was frustrating because I’m not familiar with sketching cups or trees or people. Personally, I don’t like drawing unless I have a direct reference. Even then, it’s mostly just cartoons or easily sketched pieces. A lot of my creative outlet comes from painting becauseContinue reading “Wk3 – “Drawing is also a Language””

Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Janet Doan

Artist: Janet DoanExhibition: Magic in the MakingMedia: AnimationGallery: LBSU School of Art. Marilyn Werby GalleryWebsite: N/AInstagram & Twitter: Jananachips Janet Doan is a student in the School of Art’s Illustration/Animation program. She is currently and undergraduate student and her goal is to one day work in a studio to produce a fantasy show. The exhibitionContinue reading “Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Janet Doan”

W2- “You Can Find Art Anywhere!”

The formal qualities of the art are the neutral color tones of the tree. We boxed in the brown vines and the green leaves, so the largeness of the tree is hidden. The shape of the vines are long and skinny, and they overrun each other in a way that is unorganized. It’s highly texturedContinue reading “W2- “You Can Find Art Anywhere!””

EC-Maintenance Art at Hugh Jackman’s Star on Hollywood Blvd

I chose Hugh Jackman because his role on The Greatest Showman honestly made the movie 100x better. His singing is great, his acting is great, and now I love the circus. It was super embarrassing while doing the action because I was scared that people were gonna look and think that I’m weird. However, noContinue reading “EC-Maintenance Art at Hugh Jackman’s Star on Hollywood Blvd”

EC-Visiting Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

The art pieces were inspired by how silence can affect the situations and environment around us. A lot of the pieces were microphones and audio files. There were actual QR codes on the walls for us to scan and listen to a narrative about sound. There were historical excerpts about how silent protests ended upContinue reading “EC-Visiting Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)”

Wk2-Art Experience-Abstraction is Freedom

The experience was very confusing. I had no goal except to fill the paper up, and I wanted to make something beautiful, but there was no defined image that I could make in that image. It was hard at first because I had to get over the idea of creating something tangible, and then itContinue reading “Wk2-Art Experience-Abstraction is Freedom”

Wk 1-Art Experience-“Women’s Work is also Art

Performing Maintenance Art made me feel kinda shy at first, especially since it was at the USU where people I know could possibly see me cleaning a random statue. It made me feel vulnerable since cleaning is something that you normally do alone, not in public. Madam Laderman Ukeles cleaning the steps of an artContinue reading “Wk 1-Art Experience-“Women’s Work is also Art”