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W2- “You Can Find Art Anywhere!”

The formal qualities of the art are the neutral color tones of the tree. We boxed in the brown vines and the green leaves, so the largeness of the tree is hidden. The shape of the vines are long and skinny, and they overrun each other in a way that is unorganized. It’s highly textured because of the way the tree is built, but the design is very minimalistic. The aesthetics properties make the tree feel very freeeing and calm. Since there is nothing obstructing the course of nature, these vines can grow in any direction as they please. Knowing this, the viewer can find comfort in the disorganization of the vines. Also, since this framed art is neutral-toned, none of the aspects should seem threatening. The content of the art expresses the power of nature and how it should be able to grow and thrive freely. The vines growing in many directions show that there is no limit when it comes to nature. Connecting this with people and their everyday lives, we can see that not everything is linear and strictly in one direction. In fact, we should find comfort knowing that everything has its own way, as seen through this framed tree.

I feel that since we put the frame around the art, more attention was drawn to it, and therefore gave it the ability to become art. If someone happened to walk past this tree and had an art experience which made them think about the qualities of it and made connections to their own life, then the tree would be considered art in their own perspective. However, since no attention is drawn to the tree to make people think about it, no one can have this art experience. Therefore, I think that putting the rectangle on that portion of the tree gives it the ability to be perceived as art by more people.

I feel like our Art will only be considered art by the people who have been exposed to the rectangle around it because they have a reason to look at that specific portion of the tree. Other than that, everyday people in their busy lives won’t have the same experience because they aren’t attracted to the Art.

With my minimal knowledge of art, I understand that, in most cases, there is a subject and there is an object. Some cases of art have only a subject and no object. However, I believe that the absence of an object is also an object itself. So, I think there always needs to be some sort of background or thing we ignore so that the Art can shine through. For this example, my group focused only on that particular part of the tree and thinking about it gave us an art experience,. We ignored the rest of the tree, which is the same as our framed art, but there’s no attention drawn to it, therefore it’s not art. But we needed this “not art” to have our Art, or else there would be no frame.

Art can be something other than a physical object. There’s art pieces like music that can’t be physically touched or seen, and they’re still considered art because it causes viewers to think about how these pieces make them feel.

Adding onto the example of music, I think that the random assortment of musical notes itself isn’t what makes it art. Again, the viewers have to actually think about the piece to have an “art experience.” Therefore, without the art experience, you don’t really have an art piece. This is the same reasoning for actual physical art forms like paintings or sculptures. Choosing to have an art experience gives the viewer the ability to see the object as art, therefore making it art.


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