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Wk3 – “Drawing is also a Language”

This activity was fun because I had good company, but it was frustrating because I’m not familiar with sketching cups or trees or people. Personally, I don’t like drawing unless I have a direct reference. Even then, it’s mostly just cartoons or easily sketched pieces. A lot of my creative outlet comes from painting because I practice more with acrylics and nature painting, but other than that, drawing is out of my comfort zone. I actually think I would want to practice my art skills a bit more. I’ve been thinking about making an instagram for my art.

If I practiced for any amount of hours I would get better at it. I feel like this is a philosophy that goes with anything, but it just depends on whether or not I’ll actually go through with it. While drawing is relaxing to me and keeps my mind stress-free, I don’t know if I’ll have the time to work on any big projects.

My major right now is pre-aerospace, but I’m thinking of switching for mechanical to get a more general feel of engineering. Right now, I have experience in both CAD drawing, which is sketching for parts, and coding, which is like drawing but for computers and it only consists of words. I have to sketch out ideas and projects onto a paper to make it into a tangible thing to use, but other than that, nothing else.

I think drawing is definitely a language. It conveys certain emotions and aspects of life that we can’t describe in other languages. Therefore, it’s its own language. You can’t “draw in English” or “draw in Spanish,” you can only “draw.”


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