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EC-Maintenance Art at Hugh Jackman’s Star on Hollywood Blvd

I chose Hugh Jackman because his role on The Greatest Showman honestly made the movie 100x better. His singing is great, his acting is great, and now I love the circus.

It was super embarrassing while doing the action because I was scared that people were gonna look and think that I’m weird. However, no one really cared because people always do weird things in LA.

It felt really different from doing chores at home because I feel like chores at home are kinda expected from me, but this action was like actually voluntary and no one else really did what I did. It’s also kinda weird because I felt like I was doing this for Hugh Jackman, but I don’t even know the guy.

I feel like if someone looked at me and was like, “Wow, she’s pretty cool for doing that for Hugh Jackman” or “Wow, she’s kinda weird for doing that for Hugh Jackman” and then they went home wondering why I did that for Hugh Jackman, then it would be considered art. Other than that, probably not.


One thought on “EC-Maintenance Art at Hugh Jackman’s Star on Hollywood Blvd

  1. Awesome, Wendy!
    It is “weird” to do something for someone you “don’t know”… still… in our media-saturated, we feel relationships with all kinds of people we don’t know.

    I remember back when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married, someone made the observation that people felt a different kind of relationship to Jennifer Aniston because Brad Pitt only came out in a movie every few years, but Jennifer Aniston was “in your home” every week.

    Anyway, thanks for making the trek out there and visiting Hugh Jackman, Wendy. I hope you had fun.


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