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EC-Visiting Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

The art pieces were inspired by how silence can affect the situations and environment around us. A lot of the pieces were microphones and audio files. There were actual QR codes on the walls for us to scan and listen to a narrative about sound. There were historical excerpts about how silent protests ended up affecting the society around them. One art piece was a video describing gun shots and the frequencies that they gave off.

At first, I was really confused because I didn’t understand what was going on. I understood there was a theme about sound, but I didn’t really get why. And then, as I walked around and read the paper the receptionist gave me, I started to understand that they were trying to connect how the lack of sound can actually speak to many people and affect the world we live in.

I think that the Stars on Hollywood Blvd get more visitors because of tourists and the celebrity status that the stars get for having the name of real celebrities on them. People probably go to see the Stars that inspire them. Art depends on who’s viewing them, so in my case, I think both are art because they both make me feel a certain way. The relationship of LACE to contemporary culture is very minimal. I feel that museums like that aren’t very popular in modern culture. Therefore, since it’s not popular, the relationship of LACE to the Stars on Hollywood Blvd probably makes it seem very little, even if there is a lot to talk about for both cases.


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