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Wk2-Art Experience-Abstraction is Freedom

The experience was very confusing. I had no goal except to fill the paper up, and I wanted to make something beautiful, but there was no defined image that I could make in that image.

It was hard at first because I had to get over the idea of creating something tangible, and then it slowly got easier as I started to accept that there was no real end goal. Then it just started to get fun.

As I said before, the experience of painting with no subject started as confusing and frustrating because I felt like there was not point. But, as I continued on with it, I started to feel more liberated and inspired to continue.

Compared to other paintings, it’s still not as impressive or thought provoking. However, since I have the experience of making it, it makes it my own personal treasure. Therefore, it’s the most important painting I’ve ever seen.


One thought on “Wk2-Art Experience-Abstraction is Freedom

  1. Honestly, Wendy, this is a very compelling painting!

    The intensity of the red and orange rising up through those towers of cool tones is powerful! I get a visceral feeling looking at it! Do you??


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