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Wk 12 – “Graffiti Writing”

For this assignment, I would’ve much rather preferred to go outside and tag something like a public wall, but I’m super paranoid with the COVID-19 situation and wouldn’t risk going out. Back in high school, I was on the cheer team, and we were in charge of making “run-throughs” for the football players. It was just this giant poster for the football guys to run through before their first quarter to hype them up, but this activity reminded me of my time on the cheer team. It would be a really big poster, about 15 feet long and 7 feet high, but we would have so much fun writing puns and drawing the mascots. I only used some highlighters and a piece of yellow paper, so I can only imagine what using actual spray paint cans would’ve been like. It sucks because I know this class would’ve gone to Venice Beach, too, and it seems so fun.

Graffiti in general has always been looked down upon my my family, especially my parents. They see it as vandalism and something that “gangsters” do to ruin public places. However, I was exposed at an early age about how graffiti is actually just some people’s ways to express themselves, so I respect it. (Just as long they are not harming anyone.) Some pieces that I see on the street are very pretty, too, and some have deeper meanings than just tagging their names. Overall, I like to see that it’s become more socially acceptable and considered “modern art.”


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