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Wk 13 – Remix Culture

  1. The freedom of Internet culture is amazing because you’re willing to freely express your opinions despite other people having opposing opinions, especially in America. I hear that some countries, however, still restrict certain websites that go against the government beliefs. I also heard that some companies delete certain comments from people if they don’t like it, so the freedom is really based on whoever owns the domain on the internet. The internet really helps empowerment because young people can express their ideas freely, and there will always be people on both sides. However, the risks of Internet Culture come with major cyber-bullying and cancel culture.
  2. I think that the rules of Copyright are good as they are. Of course, there’s always going to be cases where some people have their art stolen and unjustly used based on the license they chose, but they’ve worked pretty well overall.
  3. I’m going to choose the most restrictive license Copyright All Rights Reserved because I don’t want people using my face anywhere.
  4. I made this remix piece using an app called PicsArt on my phone with photos of me and my loved ones. I wanted to remix them so that I could see them all at once on my computer screen. It came out really nice, and it wasn’t difficult at all. I would suggest putting all the good photos in a separate folder in your phone they’re easier to find when making the remix.

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