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Wk 11 – “Sustainable Art”

  • What was your idea?
    My idea was just to carve a small happy face into the sand of a local park I live near. Most parks are closed down due to quarantine with caution tape lazily wrapped around the playgrounds for kids, but the grass and sand areas are still available to people to tale walks/walk their pets. For my art piece, I just wanted to catch people’s attentions and remind them that the park is a place of happiness.
  • What materials did you choose?
    I used my feet and the sand.
  • Do you think your piece was able to express your idea?
    It’s a pretty simple piece. I’m hoping that seeing something so random and happy will also invoke the feeling into other people. I also think it’s just funny to see a smiley face in the sand, so it’ll probably work no matter what.
  • How did your choice of materials influence the experience of your artwork?
    I didn’t want to get my hands dirty, so I ended up carving the sand with my bare feet. It was a really weird experience because I haven’t done something like that since I was a kid.
  • How long should a kiss last?
    A long one can last 5. A short one can last half a second.
  • How long should a great meal last?
    A good meal with good company can last 1-2 hours.
  • Does the fact that some things, like ephemeral artworks and human lives, have a finite time and then are gone make a difference in the way we experience them?
    Most of the time, we don’t even think about the time we have left when we’re experiencing things. I think that experiences invoke feeling no matter the time limit.
  • Should other things, like clean water, air, and land be sustainable and long lasting?
    In a perfect world, they should be. However, in our current situation, people are handling our clean water/air/land so carelessly, and it harms our environment.
  • Can one person, like you, make a difference in a global problem like Climate Change?
    The whole reason Climate Change is a global issue is because people ignore what they can do because of minor inconveniences such as bringing their own bags to the stores or using reusable straws/utensils. I think that everyone has the ability to change the world because they influence others and also make a small change themselves, so you can add up these small differences and make a big difference of your own.

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