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Wk 10 – “The Internet is an Art Gallery”

My theme for my art gallery is that “Culture creates positive influences on art that can be shared with the world. My first artist to explore this idea is the most popular Youtuber Pewdiepie and his Minecraft world.

Now, of course I didn’t get to explore the actual world he created, but many people have copied and published copy-cats of the world free for people to download. Since Pewdiepie has uploaded multiple videos of his creations, it was easy for his fans to copy. A little background on Pewdiepie is that his first major landmark in his Minecraft world was his famous “Meatball” which is that giant brown ball made of Minecraft dirt. He uses this meatball as a symbol of his Swedish background, since it’s such a special dish in his culture. He proceeds to create a Swedish flag in his world, which further pays homage to his Swedish background. He also creates a Japanese-style home in tribute to his love of Japanese culture, having visited many times and even buying a home in Japan for himself and his wife, Marzia. Through these creations, we can see the positive impact that culture has on these virtual worlds since they create such a nice aesthetic. Also, since Pewdiepie is such a popular Youtuber, we can see that the people copying and downloading his Minecraft world must also somehow appreciate the culture that he praises.

The second world I explored and am featuring in this Virtual Art Gallery was made by Badger027 in the popular Sims 4 game. While most players use Sims 4 to create and build singular households, Badger027 took it upon themselves to reconstruct the entire town based on German culture.

They used the originally generated Town in Sims 4 and completely reconstructed it to mimic a German town. They took influences from real German towns and landmarks and created the world for people to enjoy for themselves. Although there is no personal background as to why Badger027 used German influences, it still supports the theme since people can now download this world and see German culture from an architectural design.

The last virtual world I explored is from NintenTalk in the more recently popular game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

NintenTalk started off their world without a specific theme in mind, but as the game progressed, they started to gather ideas from small-town American homes and streets. They organized the villager’s homes in a way you would see it in old-fashioned suburban locations, and they posted a video on the Internet to share. This supports the theme that cultural influences create a positive impact because this helped their create her town, and they could share it with the world to see.


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