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Wk 9 – “Vlogging

  1. My goal with the vlog was to create a compilation of videos over the course of my first year of college featuring all the great friends I’ve made.
  2. I did. It was a little hard gathering all the material I needed, but it was a good amount at the end.
  3. Instead of the title card in the beginning, I think I would try to actually talk instead of just using text.
  4. I’ll probably vlog again.
  5. My favorite youtuber is David Dobrik.
  6. He’s really authentic and distracts me from a bad day with this outgoing personality.
  7. I would try to apply myself more into the vlogs, but he usually vlogs his friends more anyways, so it’s the same.
  8. Authenticity is when there’s a genuine vibe coming from the person where they aren’t faking any of their personality or beliefs for a certain topic or presenting it to be anything more than it is.
  9. Performance is a more emphasized version or perhaps completely fake version of a certain belief or topic.
  10. I think Authenticity and Performance can co-exist in a way that benefits the spread of beliefs and systems of ideas. A performance basically catches the eye of the viewer, but it doesn’t mean the inspiration behind it is any less authentic.
  11. I believe the 2 clips of Jennifer Aniston on the Jimmy Kimmel show – one in the studio and one from home during the coronavirus pandemic are both authentic. On shows, yes, the cameras and the lighting and makeup enhance the features of the people, but it doesn’t make them any less authentic as human beings. They can still say and believe the same things regardless of wearing work clothes or PJs.

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