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Wk 5 – “Shocking Art!”

For my art, I decided to paint nature onto a Hydro-flask to emphasize the idea that using reusable water bottles can help nature. I usually like painting on non-canvas items because it’s fun to navigate my way around the objects. It’s also a double win to have nature painted on a Hydro-flask because it shows you are saving what painted on top.

I hoped to communicate the idea of drinking water out of reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones for the obvious reason that plastic is a pollution and reusable water bottles help prevent that.

I think that you would really have to concentrate on the idea to figure it out. My art is more insightful than shocking, but once you get the idea down, it’s shocking.

I think that I would’ve made a giant sculpture made out of plastic water bottles just to fulfill more of the shocking aspect. However, I would’ve had to find the water bottles from litter instead of buying the water bottles because that defeats the purpose. The project would’ve taken a lot more time than a week, so I went sweet and simple.

Another controversial concept I wanted to explore was women’s right to abortion. I feel like the graphic imagery that already comes to mind and making art out of that would easily become shocking art.


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